About Salebarn

The mission of Salebarn is ACCELERATED NEGOTIATION. Specifically, we want to accelerate complex social commerce negotiations to optimal WIN-WIN-WIN outcomes. One example of a complex social commerce negotiation is an auction for a valuable, unique piece of property that many different bidders, buyers and sellers [of similar properties] might be interested in, e.g., an auction is for a 3 -10 yr lease on high-quality Iowa cropland, in which different pre-qualified bidders bid on a matrix of lease arrangements with different terms and lengths.

Doing that means using every method, every tool, every technology to expeditiously arrive as WIN-WIN-WIN outcomes for sellers-buyers-bidders and all others interested in a given market without having those methods, tools and technologies becoming what is noticed.

Salebarn develops and operates (DevOps) automated web-scale information technology (IT) -- IT is supposed to be extremely solid utilitarian information plumbing that just works. Reliable and durable simplicity is what Salebarn DevOps is about.

Solid, simple, reliable, durable DevOps infrastructure-as-code is a matter of making business professionals more capable by supplying them with intelligence, studying details and connections in data to continuously improve the delivery of information and data ... enabling sales funnel optimization from lead generation to lead conversion to order fulfillment. It is about working with existing platforms and extending or enhancing capabilities ... it does not matter whether the assets are relatively simple objects like tools or equipment OR whether they are more complex assets like enterprises, intellectual property, patents or brands -- information technology should be about enabling market professionals to do their job better, making transactions simpler, more reliable and satisfying for all parties involved ... WIN-WIN-WIN.