Salebarn is a news, media and data company. It was designed from the ground up to be for auctioneers, speculators, traders, dealers, brokers, refurbishers and all others interested in market information or comparative price data for aid in the accelerated discovery and negotiation for determining fair and reasonable market values for new prototype products, new enterprise investment equity prices or relatively unique used or antique items.’s approach to accelerated discovery and negotiation is like the old school livestock salebarn, but it reconceives the use case of independent sellers, bidders and buyers for an open, globally-distributed ELECTRONIC MARKET. it is built upon the next-generation of distributed, decentralized messaging and crowd-collaboration platforms … going beyond email, IM, chat or team crowd-collaboration software (eg. Slack) and beyond the realm of secure trading-desk software and ECN exchanges [which depends upon pre-defined contracts] … and extends into the realm of prospecting, lead qualification and closure via auctioneered or mediated accelerated negotiation of terms of the contract.

Practically, this boils down to is authenticated data integration with many different service providers for software, data, API as well as many different PAAS providers who integrate different services. The accelerated negotiation IAAS would be built on developing and operating an evolving infrastructure that facilitated participation with a lot of different partners. Examining the API PAAS marketplaces such as MashApe or ProgrammableWeb or APIgee furnish idea of the scope and scale of this industry.

Markets that are more free and open allocate resources better for the benefit of everyone. Since markets are never perfectly free, but are constrained by governments, Salebarn’s R&D is focused on technologies that can transcend governments. For example, Salebarn accelerated discovery and negotiation technologies are for the construction of decentralized exchanges and marketplaces built upon smart contracts, replicated, decentralized databases and encrypted protocol messaging systems similar to blockchain databases and bitcoin protocol.

DISCLAIMER: Any technological implementation will necessarily involve flaws in code, imperfection in execution and all kinds of unintended or unforeseen consequences. Therefore, the objective of these open source market technologies can never be perfection [according to anyone’s definition of what perfection is]. The attainable objective is the provision of extensible code repositories and methodologies for implementing safe, secure mechanisms of exchange that are better for achieving their objectives than competing alternatives.