Conway’s Law tells us that organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations. This means that the political organizations and Parties that have been trying to elect political leaders, ie the Democrats, the GOP, the third Party efforts, are all going to fail at changing government because their organizations are inherently corrupted by old politicos, thoroughly calcified and cannot do anything other than produce the same old crap that they always have.

Hopefully you already an appreciation for the open source distributed version control system Git and the history of and rationale behind the development of Git … and maybe you understand a bit of what the GitHub social coding ecosystem is about or how GitHub conquered Microsoft and Google and everyone else and what being social and then extending Github platform is about.

Open source socially-produced code has formally now arrived because the most savvy DevOps engineers thoroughly understand why collaborating on an open source team is not only fun and that the collaborative effort also “moves the ball ahead” for everyone … there’s a private intrinsic reward, but with the GitHub graphs and contributions metrics there is also the direct professional recognition [and possible financial reward] that comes from the public trail of commits, pull requests, gists, issues, comments, etc.

Github is a means to an end, but the MEANS to that end are critically important. It’s important to reiterate what Conway’s Law tells us about organizations which design systems … being constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations. A solid implementation of market-based technologies that furnish more options and greater choice and transcend government … but that effort is, FIRST and FOREMOST, about creating the technologies that enable a leaner, smaller, saner, less coercive, more reliable government. That is exactly what is happening right now through open source communication architectures and social production workflows of the type that were designed and built into Git and the GitHub platform and are constantly being extended and improved.