Development of begins TODAY. is going to launch after 1000 working days (6 work days per week; holidays will be quasi-work days, but each weak will have a day of rest and no work on Sunday) … you can check back right here to follow our development progress and when available begin using our beta technology.

Obviously, the there are factors far beyond our control, but the working outline of our plan will be to have the FINISH of the beta period on August 6, 2021 – with launch day to be on August 7th, 2021.


Perhaps, it is important to lay out something about the vision or very general direction that will take. The likelihood that the exact, current vision of being successful, is like the likeihood of success of any new venture … almost NIL, effectively ZERO. But the general direction gives people an understanding of the types of open source repositories and technologies that Salebarn will need to invent and then develop … as with early e-commerce pioneers of the 1990s who had to develop things like the LAMP stack OR highly-scalable information technologies, there will be significant benefits of this launch … even though the implementation of the vision will need to be practical from a perspective of fitting the immediate needs of users and working within certain structures and conventions TEMPORARILY.

Post-Government will be post- or perhaps more accurately hyper-capitalist … it will take what Amazon has done to a different level, a level which Amazon cannot really achieve … because Amazon is still necessarily constrained to work within existing government frameworks … but post-government economics or hypercapitalism is about PEOPLE.

Highly-Distributed will use a highly decentralized, highly distributed, beyond control techological infrastructure. It will be designed to be as resilient as the population of cockroaches or viruses, so that it cannot control, censor or manipulate its base of users.


Instead of being sit-based or static and highly-taxable, will be radically git-based, containerized, clonable, extensible technology that allows users to break through pathological path dependencies and continually exploit arbitrage opportunities in different sectors of the economy.


Wealth creation is fundamentally about unleashing the creativity of entrepreneurs to increase the vigor, productivity, healthspan and longevity of the human species. Intelligent, aware human beings operating at human-scale will identify opportunities for improvement in life technologies, rapidly commercialize better products and allow humans to live better, longer lives in a more sustainable fashion.

Antifragile Workflow will be built at first by developers who have adopted a jiu jitsu lifestyle in order to develop a GOOD DISCIPLINE that ensures that they will always be becoming more ready and capable, that they will always see chaos as GOOD, that they will always be looking for ways to flank new opportunities.