It is NOT the intention of Salebarn to re-invent any wheels … we might look trying to improve wheels or to develop a competitive alternative to a wheel … we are not omniscent, so we might not be aware of other wheels … but it is not our intention to reinvent wheels. We only want to go after NEEDS.

The NEED for is a HIGHLY distributed NEED … it necessarily must be a NEED defined by the users or people involved in … there might be a NEED to provide sufficient resources to sustain the project, but that is debatable – there’s no need whatsoever to enrich the founders of – that is NOT what the project is about. The NEED for is a HIGHLY distributed NEED, that necessarily must represent the NEEDS defined by the users or people involved in the project.

The initial idea for was something that was conceived decades ago … the initial project was concieved of as an online livestock auction; or more precisely, as providing the technological infrastructure for online auction … just like a physical salebarn, probably an infrastructure technological extension of existing salebarn business models, but WITHOUT the non-valued added transportation and without any co-mingling of animals or any exchange of potential biohazards or diseases. was always about the back end, always about the infrastructure NEVER about the online DESTINATION or centralized hub of activity … certainly not as a replacement for physical salebarn businesses.

The technological hurdles faced by eBay online auction [and other online auction variants] and the Amazon store and AWS services heavily influenced the thinking and made it apparent that it might be better to INVEST in what others were doing, to see how things developed over time and to maybe eventually offer a competing product that served a niche that entities like Amazon or eBay could not really address. Finally, the “EVENTUALLY moment” has arrived.

The NEED is still there … people involved in all kinds of different forms of agricultural production or production of highly perishable living material don’t tend to get into the business to engage in retail marketing – they get into to their game because they like working cattle or handling nursery products or growing things, ie the centuries old need for salebarns still exists and it always will. There is also STILL a need for better marketing of logistically-optimized, highly-perishable living product that should not be contaminated with other product. But there is ALSO a need for a highly-decentralized solution that producers control and tailor to suit their needs … marketing shouldn’t have to go through a central provider … for a variety of reasons. The SilkRoad casestudy shows, in the extreme, why governments shouldn’t be allowed to become a party in transactions between PEOPLE. Finally, communication techologies, messaging, bidding, sharing of detailed data, quality assurance information and a host of technology that really exploit data continue to change how markets work at an astonishing rate – hence, there is a need for a platform that makes rapid evolution of marketing networks possible.