will primarily be an open source technology project … we’ll see if the technology of the project can develop into a business … first, before we can even really contemplate that, we have to see if we can develop the technology into a working prototype of what the business might look like or do for people.

At this early point, any discussion of the NEED for Salebarn or ruminations on a business plan are only for the purposes of describing the target use case for the open source technology project. The PRIMARY or core technology of Salebarn is DISRUPTION and its disruptive engine AI deep learning tool which will utilize data obtained from the Salebarn messaging infrastructure. The Salebarn messaging infrastructure will be an adaptation of ZeroMQ or Nanomsg or NNG.

How the world and Salebarn arrived at NNG

There’s a lot to learn from the ZeroMQ archives … not just Pieter Hintgens discussions and interviews, but those TOO. In particular, we need to remember the initial impetus of ZeroMQ … [metaphorically] it’s all about getting down to sub-atomic level and understanding the physics of people and how/why people interact with one another. This is sorta important for trivial bs like Facebook or Reddit or messaging channels … but it is DREADFULLY important when it’s about REAL stuff and when people have legit skin in the game on making a purchase or investment because people will literally and figuratively EAT those products and FEED those products to their families for their loved ones to EAT. So we have to think about the physics of people … not just yakking about things … but about assuring the quality of FOOD that they EAT … Salebarn messaging is about the biophysics of people … because ultimately it’s about people ingesting things that can KILL them. is not like a throwaway app like Facebook … is about SAFETY-critical exchanges of information.

Of course, if the information is about SAFETY of products, we have to be talking about TRUST … and making sure that the information channel doesn’t lead to a degradation of trust OR a false assurance of trust. So again, the SAFETY of what we are talking about here is a helluva lot more critical than whether someone Likes your comment or LOLs on Facebook. Food is kind of serious stuff if we really get down to it … and that’s why TRUST is more important here … why performance of the messaging infrastructure is really potentially more important than just about anything happening on the interwebs today … Salebarn is intended to be DISRUPTIVE to agriculture and food, therefore disruptive to healthcare … we cannot afford to use the crappy information technology that the interwebs are now built on.

We should look at what alternatives, there are and what has been and is being done in this realm … in order to really cut to the chase, it’s important to look at ZeroMQ, orginally written in C++, and then rewritten in C by its main developer Martin Suskirk and recast with the MIT License to became NanoMSG, which has NOW been re-worked by Garrett D’Amore to be the next generation protocol library, NNG … there is also a port to Go, named Mangos. Why did Martin Suskirk rewrite ZeroMQ as Nanomsg? Why did Garrett D’Amore morph Nanomsg into NNG? What about Go? There are all kinds of questions to explore and the whole history of NNG is very, very much worth exploring in detail … and of course, there’s so much to it that it cannot possibly be regurgitated here – but any interested readers are strongly urge to follow the embedded links above.

How Salebarn will use NNG

The main technology of is disruption … ultimately that DEMANDS low-latency communication for product exchanges and the marketing negotiations that drive the business.