A CORE principle of Salebarn.com will always be COMPLIANCE. Whether we like laws and regimes implementing them, we will comply with regulations and law OR we withhold our participation in that particular geography and we will let other people know WHY we are going to participate. The essential point here is that there are other stakeholders with a valid claim to be part of the transaction. This necessarily implies that we will need to be rather ruthless in preventing anyone with a less than valid claim from having any information about the transaction … in order to allow for only legit compliance, we will need to be more ruthless than almost any entity currently is when it comes to matters of information security.

The essential reality of the principle of compliance is that ALL of the transaction stakeholders will need to know who else is involved in their transaction … they might not know specific identities, but they must know what the basic motivations of the other parties are. Are the other parties bidders, regulators, information re-sellers? Who’s watching and WHY?